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Keeping your pet moving!

Are cooler weather and shorter days turning you and your pooch into couch potatoes? Here are six fun ways to keep you both moving. Read this Article.

Is My Cat Trying to Annoy Me?

You love your cat. But does he do strange things that annoy you? It’s not on purpose. Check out these five seemingly odd kitty behaviors and learn why cats do them. Read This article.

Blue-Green algae information

If your pet loves to frolic in lakes, ponds, or streams, think twice about letting them drink the water. The results can be deadly. Here’s just one reason why.   read this article.

Do you have a senior dog?

Living with a senior dog is a blessing — especially if you can make some small changes to help keep him going. Your old-timer will thank you Read This Article.

What is “cat scratch fever”?

Have you heard of “cat scratch fever”? July 6 is World Zoonoses Day, so why not learn about this condition and how to protect both your furry and human loved ones? Read this article.